Bacera Forex Grand Master Demo Contest

The Grand Master Demo Contest is intended for Participants who open a Bacera ProTrader Demo account on October 1, 2016 or later.
Open a Grand Master Demo Contest trading account through the contest page under the “Promotions” section of Bacera’s website. Participants must complete the application form and provide a valid email address. Bacera will send the Participant an email with login details and a link to download the Bacera ProTrader trading platform.
Competition Rankings will be updated on the Bacera website on a weekly basis. To claim all prizes and rewards Participants must first open and fund a Real Bacera ProTrader trading account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth in Bacera’s Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.
Maximum Initial Deposit for Real Bacera ProTrader trading account opened in conjunction with the Grand Master Demo contest is $50,000.

Participants Net Gain, which is the sole metric used to determine contest rankings, will be calculated using the following formula:
Trading Account Equity at the end of the competition cycle LESS Trading Account Equity at the beginning of the competition cycle
Divided By
Trading Account Equity at the beginning of the competition cycle

All Participants begin the contest with a $50,000 balance in their Demo trading account with 200:1 leverage.
Rewards in the form of a Credit into a Bacera ProTrader Real Account are not eligible for other Bacera Bonus Promotions.
For the Bacera Demo Trading Competition each cycle last 3 months (From January 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017). Each cycle, the Top 10 participants will receive rewards based on the following chart:
Title Reward (USD)
1st Place Credit equal to 60% of Initial Margin deposited into a Bacera Real Account
2nd to 5th Place Credit equal to 40% of Initial Margin deposited into a Bacera Real Account
6th to 10th Place Credit equal to 30% of Initial Margin deposited into a Bacera Real Account

Withdrawal of the Reward from a Bacera Trading Real Account is prohibited until the Client trades 15% of the Reward in terms of round-turn lots. For instance, if a Client opens a Real Account with an Initial Margin Deposit of $1,000, and they placed first in the contest and received a bonus of $600, then they must trade 90 round-turn lots before the $600 is eligible for withdrawal.
Profits and Initial Margin in Real Bacera Trading Accounts are eligible for withdraw, in accordance with existing Bacera withdrawal parameters.

Bacera reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion. Any announcements regarding the promotion will be posted on the Bacera website.
If any client is suspected to abuse the promotion with intent, including the use of false transaction accounts, software plug-ins or other means to hedge Bacera, then we are entitled to terminate the transactions and cancel the account immediately, and reserve the right to further legal action.
Bacera reserves the right of final interpretation regarding all other potential issues.

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